When you’re buying a new TV, the most important thing to consider is picture quality. The latest innovation in LED picture quality is Quantum Dot Display, which produces the most lifelike and accurate pictures on Samsung’s latest range of SUHD TVs. But what is this technology? Let’s find out.

Quantum Dot colour
Quantum Dots are nano-sized particles that emit different colours depending on their size. Like how a drop of watercolour paint in water results in bold, vivid, true to life colours, SUHD TV uses Quantum Dots as a light source to produce the purest medium.

Quantum Dot technology allows the TV to produce pure white light at the source, which, combined with a 10-bit panel, allows the SUHD TV to reproduce as many as one billion distinct colour shades. Whether it’s a tense T20 cricket match under the lights or an under the sea documentary, Quantum Dot technology on the Samsung SUHD TV ensures what you see is as good as being there.

HDR 1000
The Samsung SUHD TV packs in a feature called HDR 1000. Rather than being just another meaningless acronym ticked on to the spec sheet, it makes a world of a difference to the viewing experience. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and this means, you see the whitest whites and the blackest blacks, allowing you to view subtle details that other screens would simply gloss over.

Sure, other TVs may have HDR, but you want the one with the highest levels of brightness for the best picture quality. And that’s what the Samsung SUHD TV’s HDR technology does by delivering a maximum of 1000 nits of brightness – 10 times more than the competition. The result is superbly detailed and stunningly unparalleled visuals. Furthermore, the new HDR+ mode enhances picture quality by tweaking the colour and brightness range, thereby improving standard dynamic range (SDR) video so that it is nearly indistinguishable from HDR content.

Stunning design
Besides offering great viewing experience, Samsung SUHD TV is also quite the looker. The bezel-less curved design of the TV makes it the centre of attention in your living room. Its sheer size and the sleek one-piece stand make it a sight to behold. And when you turn it on, the lifelike picture becomes the icing on the cake.

Smart connectivity
The Samsung SUHD TV is connected to ensure you always have access to the content you want. Here are some of the features that make the TV truly smart:

1) Smart Hub and customisable UI
The brand new UI presents multiple content sources and devices as one integrated content and services platform. You can switch seamlessly between OTT content, live TV as well as other connected devices including video game consoles, Blu-ray player, and set-top-boxes.

The new Smart Hub interface, apps and content tiles can be customised to individual preferences, making it faster to navigate from one app to the other.

2) One remote to rule them all
The new Samsung SUHD Smart TV eliminates the need to juggle multiple remote controls. It automatically recognises the type of set top box or home theatre system connected to the TV, and lets you control them with just one remote.

The Bluetooth-powered smart remote is incredibly simple to use and works without you needing to point it at the TV. It even has a microphone, so you can speak directly into the remote to input text and give instructions to the TV.

3) Cross platform app experience
The upgraded Smart View app for Android and iOS devices as well as Window PCs, allows users to share photos, videos, and music on the big screen. Multiple users can simultaneously connect all their phones and share multimedia content.

4) Two-way Bluetooth streaming
As mentioned before, the Samsung SUHD Smart TV comes with Bluetooth and this extends to its audio capabilities as well. So the awesome sound system on your TV can double up as a Bluetooth speaker connected to your phone when the TV is ideal, or you can stream audio from the TV to your Bluetooth speaker in another room for entertainment on the go.

5) Smart View App is your touchpad remote
Can’t find the TV remote? Download the new Smart View app that comes with a touchpad remote and lets you control your TV with ease. Be it switching channels or seamlessly scrolling through your favourite content, you can do pretty much everything with your phone.

6) Cric-o-mania application
With the Cric-o-mania application made by Samsung Research Institute Delhi, users can get updates of a live cricket match even when they are watching another channel. With the live ticker that can be seen across channels, viewers are updated with every run. Users can also choose their cheer-buddy who will cheer for their favorite cricket team. The application has been developed especially for Indian consumers and their love for the game of cricket.
With so many features backed by futuristic technology, Samsung SUHD TV is going to take your television viewing experience to the next level. Now go, check it out at the nearest Samsung store.