It is a different thing that Samsung is still clueless about what caused explosions in its Galaxy Note 7 phones, but that hasn’t stopped it from having ambitious plans for its future phones. According to Galaxy Club, Samsung has filed a patent application for a smartphone design that can fold like a wallet.

The patent application shows a slim Samsung phone with horizontal lines across the body, and the phone can be bent at these lines. The folded design looks very much like the flip phones of yesteryear, or a wallet for that matter.

The diagram in the patent application also shows that the two sides of the screen will not touch each other when folded. The patent filing also talks about a secondary display, which will open when the “primary display is closed by the cover”, according to International Business Times.
The latest report comes after almost five months since we heard a similar news from Bloomberg. The report had said that Samsung’s foldable phone, rumoured to be called Samsung Galaxy X and codenamed Project Valley, will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next year.
Recently, before the launch of Xiaomi’s Note 4 and Mi Mix, a video had started circulating on the internet. It showed a Xiaomi with a flexible display. While it is important to note that the display in the video was not exactly foldable, it hints at a possibility that the Chinese phone maker is working on similar lines.
Lenovo at its Tech World conference also showed a similar prototype of flexible display.

With the patent filing, we are not sure how feasible this design is or if Samsung will actually work on such a phone, since most of these patent application never see the light of the day. However, we have to give it to Samsung for being innovative. Or you can say, for showing ‘courage’.