Salman Khan got away with it again. This time, Bollywood’s over-aged brat was acquitted by the Rajasthan High Court in two poaching cases. The cases dragged on for 18 long years and ended with an acquittal.
Twitter believes nobody killed the chinkaras, they took a gun to their head. We believe something else was murdered and mentioning exactly what can get us jail for contempt. Since bucks are in short supply here – black or otherwise – it would be advisable to keep our peace.Only this time, we can’t. Salman seems to get away with everything – literally everything – and stay the darling of millions in the process. The man was acquitted of killing an endangered species on Monday, earlier he was acquitted for killing one man and injuring others and the famous cases where he physically attacked his girlfriends – reportedly, of course – never reached court or the police.
Before his last film came out, he compared his training to getting raped. Yes, in post-Nirbhaya, post-Stanford world where even the sexist so-and-so’s know better. So, were people out on streets against him, were there protests? No, instead India ensured Sultan earned enough to keep Salman Khan Bollywood’s first among equals.Salman Khan’s Sultan was not affected by the doings of Salman Khan, the manIt is people like you and me who are keeping him there, feeding his ego and losing their chill every time his film comes out. And the minority that actually calls him out, gets called names — dirty and filthy names. The Twitter timeline of Sona Mohapatra, who spoke against Salman after the rape comment, bears witness.Also read: Sona Mohapatra slammed for speaking against Salman KhanThose supporting Salman say that his ‘bad boy’ past belongs in the past. We have just two words for you: Rape comment. Actually, add Arijit Singh to it — the Bollywood singer who lost a lucrative singing assignment because he once made a joke at Bhai’s expense. Is this Vivek Oberoi redux? We hope not for Arijit’s sake.Also read: Arijit Singh posts a heartfelt letter on Facebook, pleading Salman Khan to retain his song in SultanMeanwhile, Salman Khan has gone from Being A Brat to Being Human to Being Sultan. Interesting times ahead.