A ruthless man set on fire his daughter and her two children over property dispute here on Thursday. Police said the incident took place in village 153-RB of tehsil Chak Jhumra in district Faisalabad, where a pitiless person set his daughter and her two children, Kainat 13, and Ghulam Mustafa Khan on fire for demanding share in property.

The affectees were rushed to Allied Hospital Faisalabad, where condition of the mother and daughter was stated to be serious. The scorched Ghulam Mustafa blamed that his paternal grandparents set them on fire by sprinkling petrol over property issue.

The culprit has rejected the allegations and claimed that her daughter attempted self immolation after being refused to be provided share in property. However, the police after registering a case into the incident at respective police station have started an investigation.