Russian President Vladimir Putin last several days on social media about the immortality of getting viral reports. Putin said that at least 500 years in the world are present in different forms. The news confirms the individual pictures are being posted, including his painting of the Mona Lisa ever, ever getting Russian troops. Hundred years ago, Russian soldiers were with Putin …
Along with a photo of the two photo by Monalisa was told how to get him the face of Putin. The 1920 and 1941 rounds of some Russian troops are said to meet her face. These three photos are put together, including two Russian soldier and the third is Putin himself. Putin’s claim that it has both photos.
So what is the truth?
Despite the 63-year-old Putin riding and many difficult exercises. He is considered to be the most fit in the contemporary global leaders who are so aware about his health. Putin was Disclojktivi of viral research at these photos. Found that the soldier as being able to see his picture is in fact an Egyptian general. On the other photos have been worked through Photoshop. However, that has not been revealed where these photos were released first.