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In different parts of the world what is happening in the name of fashion, very few people know about it. Some of these fashion trends are quite good, some very bad. One such model built by Russian fashion photoshoot. The models dressed in raw meat made about 4 hours PHOTOS click. These models are famous on Instagram …
Yulia, a resident of St. Pitrsberg Conewa on Instagram are very popular. He raw meat dress that is made in a photoshoot for the magazine Men Magjim International, which was designed by Natalya Fdiwa. In 2011, the first such Yulia dress Lady Gaga wore to the MTV show. Animals Lovers after all the commotion was over.
Yulia said to wear this dress took about 1 hour. It lasted 4 hours after the photoshoot. The stench of meat was quite upset, breathing was difficult. Maybe the meat was thought to be Dikmpoj. However, when the photographer was convinced that I was supposed to like him, he was clicking, then I could change the dress. Yulia raw meat dress that is uploaded to a photo on Instagram.