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In Moscokduniabr many people, because of their antics become popular in social media. The same thing happened with the Russian living Vecni Vladimir. Indeed, social media Prankstar himself as Vladimir, who moved to the kitchen of his house with the help of a friend turned into a swimming pool. Create a swimming pool …
Vladimir the kitchen covered with a plastic cover and lots of water to fill the swimming pool as it was transformed. He scored heavily in the sheaf of fun and put on video and social media. The video went viral on sight seeing. Vecni into the swimming pool in my kitchen was a total of 4 hours. Also in the water and took 3 hours.
The artificial swimming pool filled with water in it so that it easily with your friend, he was swimming and diving was laying. The video went viral on social media of Vecni sight see and share the video made by the thousands. Vecni the Twar city living, it is in the north of Moscow. Pouring cold season is here. The famous city is located between the rivers Volga and Tvertsa.