Russia treat haircut, spends millions on clothes, billionaire girl’s LIFE

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Ukraine-born and raised in London, Julia Stakiwa one of London’s billionaires. They, along with a dozen Ferraris are cars. Not only is the collection of Julia luxurious branded bags and shoes. He revealed in an interview that his collection of 11 million rupees is Borderob. Julia is 23 years old and still studying at the University of London are Hankheyr Russia to cut …
Julia looks perfect for making the most of that cost. Russia is to make the haircut. Julia tells me why I liked most hairdressers in Moscow by private jet will take haircuts. Salon complete turn off for me and bring my favorite food and champagne. I have friends there, I am moving party. But for others it would be weird for me to Russia for a hair cut is normal. I am doing this since childhood.


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