The Human Resource Development Commission was launched recently with the main purpose of developing an Education Human Resource Development 2030 Strategy. The intent of the plan is to ensure that the systems operating at all levels — national, subregional and regional — are developing the skills graduates need to function effectively in a 21st-century economy and society.

While this statement seems an obvious approach to refining and strengthening the education systems in the region, developing an agreed approach and time-bound action plan meeting the needs and priorities of the education systems in Caricom will not be as simple as making an announcement that it intends to do so.

The Caricom states’s education systems are a Rubik’s cube of elements that all have to interact in harmony to produce change. Just as solving a Rubik’s cube requires the alignment of all cubes of the same colour on a single side of the larger cube so that each side of the cube, displays a different colour, so alignment of all of the elements of all of the education systems will be necessary to formulate a strategic plan for Caribbean education that will actually effect change in the system.