Rajya Sabha polling underway in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.In Karnataka, where the Election Commission has refused to cancel the Rajya Sabha polls at the behest of the Janata Dal Secular, it’s the Congress that has forced a contest for the four seats by fielding a third candidate. The BJP’s Nirmala Sitharaman will win a seat but the JDS is fuming that its one candidate BM Farook may not.All eyes are on Uttar Pradesh, where elections are being held to 11 seats. Interest is centred around a fight between Congress’ Kapil Sibal and a BJP-backed independent socialite Preeti Mahapatra.30 of the total 57 seats in the current round of biennial elections have already been decided without a contest

Today’s polls will decide the fate of remaining 27 as BJP and Congress will be engaged in a keen battle for some of the states.

Six ministers seeking to return to the Rajya Sabha. BJP hoping to increase its tally in the upper house.