Made In Chelsea stars are known for their well-turned-out appearance and polished looks.
And star Rosie Fortescue, 26, is no different – revealing that she loves fake eyelashes, doesn’t do fake tan – but is all for plastic surgery.
Speaking to FEMAIL during a shoot for a glossy fashion magazine, the reality TV star and blogger shared her beauty secrets.
Rosie, who will be appearing in the autumn issue of Russian GATE Magazine, revealed she whitens her teeth, is a fan of hair extensions – but
doesn’t go as far as giving herself a bronze glow.
She says this is because she rarely sees people doing it properly ‘without having orange knuckles or elbows!’.
She said: ‘I use extra lashes on photo shoots – but just invest in a good mascara for everyday.
‘I used Crest whitening strips when I was in New York which actually worked incredibly well.’
Rosie also admits to wearing hair extensions and getting her nails done with shellac.
She said: ‘I sometimes wear clip-ins for photo shoots to achieve a fuller hair look and for braiding.
‘At today’s shoot I’m wearing Tatiana Karelina clip-ins, which are great! They feel light and the hair is great quality.
‘I get shellac when I go on holiday so I don’t have to worry about chips for long periods of time but I have a nail varnish range Nailed London so
regularly paint my nails myself.’
Rosie says she’s all-for plastic surgery – as long as it’s done in moderation, adding: ‘I am scared of needles so I can’t imagine if I would every get
anything done.’