China is amongst few countries which are known for its cuisine, but the food industry in this country has received a major jolt in the recent past.

Due to the continuous rise in population, despite some strict measures, there is a huge demand for food products and there are people who are using this opportunity to mint money by supplying fake food items.
Here we have compiled ten examples of illegal counterfeit food product being sold in China.

. In China, restaurants have been caught preparing food in sewage oil. A professor of Wuhan Polytechnic University was the first to make this revelation. He said that out of every 10 food, one is prepared using sewage oil
People looking for a quick buck collect empty walnut shells and then fill the inside with concrete and paper and glue it shut.
The fake egg is made up of gelatin, water, and food coloring. The fake shells were made from wax.
Melamine is added to increase the protein content and in 2009 Chinese babies and children were sickened by milk that had been ‘enhanced’ it.
Traditionally, congealed duck blood is used to make tofu but some are adding formaldehyde in cheaper cow and sheep’s blood to make tofu.
Many bottles have been seized having expensive looking labels outside and cheap fruit juice inside.

Fake rice is a mixture of potatoes and plastic, and was sold in the many Chinese towns.
Authorities in 2010 seized huge quantities of rice noodles which were made with rotten grain and potentially poisonous additives.
Many shops in China are selling fake honey made of sugar syrup.
Chemical Tofu is being made using soya protein and colours.