Once in a while, everybody likes to have fun but what if that fun is borderline dangerous instead? Roller coasters are scary but these roller coasters will change your definition of scary!
The Fuji-Q Highland amusement park is world’s steepest roller coaster!
The Dodonpa in Japan has a top speed of 102 mph. Looks like the makers took ‘Fast & Furious’ too literally!
Insanity stratosphere in Las Vegas will make you insane for sure!
The Banshee rollercoaster opened in 2014 in Ohio. The roller coaster features 4,124 feet of track making it the longest inverted roller coaster!
Being the world’s longest ride, the beast wooden roller in Ohio goes upto 4 minutes !
The Tower of Terror II in Australia has a vertical drop at 100 mph speed! Not for the faint hearted!
The Vanish rollercoaster in Japan submerges riders into a deep, dark hole. Must be scary as hell!
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