When contacted Rohini admitted to the drug test but strongly denied taking any performance-enhancing drug. “I was not well in January. I was suffering from toothache and gum problem and was on medication. I don’t know if those medicines played any part,” she said.

As per the doping control form of NADA, filled by the athlete, Rohini was taking calcium, becosules and pain killers before the Delhi Marathon. The Raut sisters zoomed into limelight in 2007 when they won gold and silver in Asian Cross Country junior meet at Jordan. A student of Taywade College, Koradi, Rohini had recently opted to train under coach Arvind Chavhan of Pune. Since then she only added to the glory of Nagpur as well as Maharashtra by winning medals in various events. The dope-test failure has come as a rude jolt for athletics fraternity of the State. Two Maharashtra runners (Lalita Babar and Kavita Raut) had recently made cut for the Rio Olympics which provided big joy for the sports in the State. The incident has once again highlighted the need of proper awareness among coaches and athletes about performance-enhancing drugs.