ccessories can work wonders and transform the final look of any outfit when styled the right way. The bracelet is one such accessory that has been used from time immemorial across the globe to up fashionista’s fashion games and make a statement.

Indians have an inseparable relationship with bracelets. From highly decorated accessories to spiritual pieces, Indians like to sport bracelets for varying reasons. An Indian bracelet can be an object of beautification, can symbolise a brother-sister bond (rakhi) or be a source of protection from evil. Whatever the reason, a bracelet stands out and can infuse colour and personality. It is undoubtedly an accessory that makes a difference to your look.

With minimalism becoming the modern day fashion mantra, accessories like bracelets are donning the responsibility of creating a visual impact.

Even the plainest outfit can be elevated to a stylish look with the creative accessorising of bracelets. Here are our suggestions for how to convert a plain Jane look into a fancy Nancy one using Indian bracelets:


Inverse Proportion

Sometimes physics laws and fashion do go hand in hand. The simpler the outfit, the heavier you can go on the bracelet accessorising and vice versa. So the substance of the bracelet is inversely proportional to the glamour factor in your outfit. A simple chain bracelet or a metallic ring bracelet will suffice to finish off a highly embellished outfit. On the other hand a highly noticeable bracelet like a cuff or a bracelet with heavier stones, beads and multiple thicker strands will enhance a plain solid outfit.



Fine and Fashion Jewellery

Today the market is brimming with a plethora of options for bracelets from India. You can choose from  a wide variety of fashion jewellery for your casual day attires. These bracelets can be paracord bracelets, leather wrap bracelets and bead bracelets.

When it comes to fine jewellery to make an impact at an exclusive occasion, we offer a wide range of bracelets in fine metal and attractive precious and semi precious gem stones. These masterpieces are crafted by distinguished Indian jewellery designers like Roopa Vohra and Rhea.