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Worldwide recognition of Iran as a country are radical. The women always hijab and men are required to wear long trousers and full-sleeve shirt. Moreover, alcohol-cigarette smoking is forbidden for both men and women. But these days the rich kids on social networking sites such photos are viral, which will be surprised to see you. Replacing the burqa in bikini babes are rich kids pool party, drink alcohol …
PHOTOS viral on social networking sites are there in Rich Kids can be seen drinking alcohol and cigarettes. Moreover, girls are also visible in bikini. Pictures’ The Rich Kids of Tehran’s stock has been on Instagram account, which will follow the 1 million 13 thousand people.
So far about 2,000 have been posted on the account. “The Rich Kids of Tehran,” Iran’s a girl to follow Vice (VICE) an Iranian girl that I am speaking to tell, but the account does not resist. Indeed, through the account of the other country, these people will know that they think alike about Iran, is not so at all. We are also party to all men and women, alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Even go on a date.