Remember that song O Laal Dupatte Waali Tera Naam To Bata? Yea, I know you’re singing the song while reading it. The song was from David Dhawan‘s
Aankhen starring Govinda, Chunkey Pandey, Raageshwari and Ritu Shivpuri. Everyone knows what Govinda is up to now, Chunkey made his presence felt
in Housefull 3, Rageshwari gave birth to a beautiful baby. But no one really knows what Ritu Shivpuri is up to, right? Well, we do! The actress is all set to
star in Anil Kapoor‘s 24 and she looks amazing from the photos she shares on Instagram.
Every fan of Govinda must have watched the superhit movie “Aankhen” as it was from this movie that the actor entered comedy zone and after that comedy
became synonymous with Govinda.

But apart from Govinda, there’s something more to it! With “Aankhen”, a beautiful actress made her debut in the industry and she’s none other than pretty
Ritu Shivpuri.
After “Aankhen”, Ritu didn’t get good offers and for the same, she could not do much in her filmy career. Later, she decided to settle down in life by getting
married to businessman Hari Venkat and at the moment, she is a proud mom of twins, Samara and Rohail.

Normally, we have seen that as actors and actresses stop working, they change a lot as far as their looks and physique are concerned but you will be
surprised to see that even after such a long time, Ritu hasn’t changed a bit, she still looks hot and stunning as she used to look in yesteryears.