Data limits and bandwidth distribution has become an issue up to date to most smartphone users across India. Is there a remedy for this? Smartphone users are eager to see what Reliance Jio has to offer after having to endure the fluctuations of smartphone data occasionally. The good news for smartphone users is that Jio, in the first quarter of the financial year 2016-2017, will launch high-speed 4G LTE services pan India.Reliance Jio is expected to breathe some life into the country’s vast network infrastructure by boosting what was already there; that is the 2G and 3G networks with a fast 4G network across the country. What should you expect from Reliance Jio? Below are some of the services Jio is going to offer.Superior network capability Excellent data limits Uninterrupted services Improved customer care Cheaper tariffs comparing it to other tariff providersEasy to use apps; user-friendly appsJio will improve the overall productivity of the country since in the current times network is termed to be a fundamental need for an economy to advance and be termed productive.How will Reliance Jio thrive in the market?After the brief intro, you will want to know more about this network company. Currently, Jio’s services are available and applicable to Lyf Smartphones that are being tested and standardized before being released for the wider market across India. In estimation, up to 1.5 million smartphone users are using the smartphones under Reliance Jio services. In addition to that, plans are underway to incorporate other phones such as the iPhone to their services.There have been other market players regarding network provision, Reliance Jio is expected to face stiff competition from the already existing network providers. For Jio to accomplish its goals; providing fast and reliable 4G network across India, it will have to rise above what other similar companies are offering.How has Reliance Jio tackled its competitors? You will want services from a provider that has something extra and helpful from the rest. Jio has made it easy to access a lot of apps that improves productivity since they are rooted in communication and also recreation.What Are Jio’s Focuses and Targets?Every company’s objective is to provide quality and reliable goods and services. That is also the case when it comes to Jio. The goal of Reliance Jio is to provide clear and uninterrupted 4G network services to everyone across the country.The tariffs rates offered by Jio are significantly lower taking into consideration their 4G network provision compared to other companies that are or may want to compete with it in providing similar services. Amazing, isn’t it? Looking at other service providers that have been in the market, there has been significant data and bandwidth interruptions. Reliance Jio will have to tackle this deficit brought about by the already existing network companies.What Else Does Jio Offer in Addition to 4G Networking?In addition to 4G services, Jio also offers smartphone apps. What mobile apps are you using? Before buying a smartphone, most customers ask about the applications it has or can support. Jio has brought goodies in the form of more reliable fast and user-friendly 4G application. Some of the applications Jio offers include JioXpressNews – Being up-to-date with what is happening across the world, in general, is fundamental in the developments of both individuals and nations at large. This app focuses on keeping you updated. You will be the first to catch latest news and stories from among the best sources across the country.JioChat – The app has been modified to have newer demographic. You can now experience efficient and fast communication. Besides, you can have quality video and audio conferencing at ease. JioPlay – With this app, there will be no need to have a TV set wherever you are. You can access over 300 TV channels simply and efficiently using this application. There are over 30 HD channels waiting for you to enjoy using this app.In conclusion, the central question from eager customers is when the services will be available for the entire country to experience? Not to worry, Jio is in its final stages to establishing itself to be able to penetrate the market so as to establish dominance all over the country.