Given all the chatter about ultra fast download speeds and super cheap data rates, there seems to be a lot of interest in
the new Reliance Jio services. Even though the service provider has not started a full-fledged service people are buying
Lyf smartphones and Wi-Fi hubs to experience the high-speed internet. Last week, Reliance Jio also announced that
customers with Samsung or LG 4G smartphones will be able to preview their services.
We recently purchased a Reliance JioFi device to experience the service first-hand. Based on this experience, we tell you
how you can buy and activate a Reliance Jio SIM.
The Reliance JioFi device costs Rs 2,899, but this includes the price of the SIM. You need to submit a valid photo ID as well
as new passport size photograph of yours to purchase the SIM. Ensure that you go with a passport photo clicked in the
past three months as the executives are really finicky about the photo looking exactly like you. You will need to be present
to sign the application form as well as photostats of the IDs you have submitted. Ensure that the signatures on the form
and on your IDs match.

Since the billing process is done online, you will get a receipt on your mail soon after. SMS receipts are also sent. A few
hours after the formalities are done you will get an message asking you to tele-verify your details.

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If you want to use voice + data then you will call 1977 from your SIM to initiate the process. For just data services you can
call 1800-890-1977 from your registered number.
Trivia: 1977 is the year Reliance launched its first IPO.
On the call you will be asked to key in your RJio number, which is available on the SIM pack. Next you will need to give the
last four digits of your ID document.
In our case, the SIM was already active by the time the tele-verification was done. It took about four hours from the time of
submitting the application to getting the SIM active, which is really quick the way things work these days.