One sure thing about breakup is the hurt and pain one goes through. Spending so many years together and then one sudden day finding yourself all alone is something that many couple find hard to bear. The amount of pain after a breakup depends upon the intensity of love between two people, and the reason that caused a split. Sometimes the reasons are so big and intolerable that both the partners find it better to end things once and for all. However, in some other cases, both the partners at first think that they should take a decision to split but after a few days they realize that they are nothing without their partner, or the feeling that they cannot get someone else who can love them as much as their ex used to do.

You remember the saying – absence makes the heart grow fonder, this saying holds so true in the aforementioned cases. When the couple is together, they find innumerable faults in each other and they bicker but as soon as they break up, all they do is to miss their ex a lot and long to get back together. Well, if you are also experiencing these kinds of feelings then all you need to do is to rekindle love with your ex. Following are some things you should do if you want your ex back in your life:

Be sure what you want

First of all you need to find out whether you want to get back your love or not. Give yourself time and introspect, try to understand your behavior, as in is it just the loneliness that is making you feel to get your ex back, or it is everything that you are missing about your love. If the answer you get is positive then move on to other steps.

Contact your ex

Now give your ex a call or leave a message regarding a meeting. If your ex buys your suggestion then arrange for a meeting, and make them understand your intentions of getting back together once again. It is a very complex situation, which requires a great deal of patience, and skills to tackle it.

Accept all your faults

Love is all about giving your best, acceptance, and forgiving. After expressing your intensions to get back into a relationship to your ex and you feel your ex is showing a concern to your proposal, it means you do stand a chance to rekindle love. Start a conversation about your past relationship and then come down to the mistakes that you made. Accept whatever faults you had, the mistakes you made, and for the times you badly hurt your ex. Acceptance is the best thing to do if you want to patch up things in a relationship. On the other hand, if you show the stubborn side of you, it will do no good rather would worsen the situation. If you will accept then only your ex would get a chance to forgive you.