North constituency on a BJP councilor in Hoshiarpur Chabbewal station has registered a case of cheating. His two brothers were also named in the case. Nineteen cases were registered on May happened, but now has Rajinama case. Aaj case or tomorrow will be canceled.

Bicuhi councilor in the village of Hoshiarpur information was ground. The court case was going on the ground. Yet councilor and his brothers made a Anaaraai deal with the land. He was earnest about Anaaraai thirty lakhs. When he asked to undergo registry took to procrastination. If the councilor and his Anaaraai the complaint was registered a case against the brothers. After filing the case, the councilor Anaaraai returned the money, after which he became Rajinama.

Please tell the next year’s assembly polls and the corporation. Councillor’s image was sullied case being filed. He returned the money immediately after the councilor. Councillor said he returned the money, after which he became Rajinama. Case has been canceled. The councilor noted that CPS is close.