Former Alberta Premier Alison Redford may be under investigation once more for a controversial decision she made, awarding a lucrative law contract involving the tobacco industry to her ex-husband’s firm.

Originally, the Alberta ethics commissioner ruled that Redford did nothing wrong in her decision made in 2013 while she was serving as Justice Minister.

Last year, a former Supreme Court judge said the original investigation didn’t have access to all of the information, so Paul Fraser, the B.C. ethics commissioner, was asked to give his own opinion.

Fraser says that there is enough new information that could change the outcome of the inquiry.

In an e-mailed statement, the Wildrose Party says that the RCMP should conduct its own probe alongside the new investigation, but leader Brian Jean didn’t share that same idea during a summer tour stop in Calgary on Thursday.

“Not at this stage, no. We want to get to the bottom of it. We don’t fire and then aim. We make sure that we aim, do the proper investigation, look at the empirical evidence and the law and then we will go forward with recommendations and ask whatever body is necessary to investigate further.”

There is no timeline on how long the new investigation will take or how much it will cost.