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You are looking beautiful girl in the red circle, she is not a robot. This robot has been developed Taijan Chinese inventor Chen Xiaoping. It is to talk to people as well as facial expressions. Its name is Jia Jia. Normal Human robot of this size. Godes it because of its beauty, people started to say that the robot. DeVos Forum Summer 2016 Attraction in the center of the robot together offer Thaklog clicking photos …
This robot is extremely beautiful. People get pictures taken with it. The hands are very real and beautiful, but the clothes can not wear it myself. Jia Jia, through body language can better explain your point. That people understand and is also his reply. Jia Jia in China Artificial Intelligent (AI) can be called Milestone.
China earlier robotic waiters, Monk, shopping assistant have been created. Jia Jia and beauty like the work of making the robot is released. Netijns say the beauty of China Lonely robot will youth company.