This easy mushroom salad is delicious and simple, and ideal for a quick lunch or dinner.
Fresh cepe mushroom0- 50gm
Fresh shitake mushroom- 50gm
Fresh button mushroom- 10gm
Fresh shimji mushroom- 20gm
Fried onion- 5 gm
Truffle oil- 2ml
Salt to taste
Dark soy- 5 ml
Light soy- 5 ml
Spring onion- 2 gm
Oil- 10 ml
We recoMethod:
-Soaked the entire mushroom for 2 hours, and then slice all of them.
-Add mushroom in wok and toss them until it became dry.
-Add oil in wok add fresh dry mushroom, light soy, dark soy, and salt toss it for a while.
-At last add spring onion, and truffle oil.
-Garnish with fried onion