Vegetable Cheese Dosa is a famous South Indian recipe. Made with fresh vegetables and cheese, this easy dinner/lunch recipe is loved by kids and adults too.

Dosa batter-100 gm
Slice capsicum- 35 gm
Slice onion- 25 gm
Carrot julienne- 35 gm
Flavoured cheese 50 gm

1.Take dosa batter and spread the dosa in a circular motion on a hot griddle.
2.Saute capsicum, onion, carrot cut in shreds on the side of hot griddle and spread in the centre of dosa.
3.Add creamy cheese spread-on top of vegetables.
4.Roll it and cut in two piece for appearance and place in a platter.
5.Serve with tasty coconut, red, green chutney & sambar.
Recipe courtesy: Sagar Ratna