When you hear the word “break,” a few things may come to mind: Ross Geller of “Friends” screaming “We were on a break!,” an impending breakup masked as a break, and a whirlwind of questions regarding the reason for said break. Will you get back together? Why do we need a break at all? What does it all mean?!Don’t fret, chicas. All is not lost. Though “taking a break” is considered the kiss of death for couples, some amazing things can come from it. Here are a few reasons to take a break in your relationship:

1. Sow your wild oats: On a recent episode of ABC’s “Mistresses,” an engaged woman wants to sleep with another man before tying the knot. She’s been with the same man since high school and wants to experience the touch and feel of someone new — if only for one night. This is a common reason for taking a break. Although taboo, sowing your wild oats is often necessary to embrace a love and life without regrets.

2. All about growth: Let’s say you want to pursue your dream career as a fashion stylist and accept an exciting internship — only you have a full-time job, a home to maintain anda relationship to nurture. This is when taking a break can be good for you. You can focus on your personal and professional growth for a few months and, hopefully, when you’re fulfilled in all ways, your relationship can become priority again. Till then, make sure you’re in the front seat.

3. You’re just not into him: A break gives us perspective. You may need to take a time-out to explore your true feelings. Maybe you and your man are in different places. Maybe the spark is gone. Or perhaps you weren’t that into him to begin with and you settled for this relationship. You don’t want to spend years with a partner that makes you feel “meh,” do you? These are just some of the things to consider when taking a break.

4. That compatibility: In the beginning of almost every relationship, lust leads the way. You can’t keep your hands off of each other and often make decisions based on how hot he or she looks naked. This is when taking a break comes in handy. A few months into a new love affair, you can take some time to analyze your relationship. Do you know much about him besides his penis size? Do your goals align? Are you compatible or is your interest more about sex? Is he just a fun fling? A break (and time) will tell.

5. Deciding what you want: Ultimately, a break occurs when you’ve hit a crossroads in your relationship. You may love him, but he may not be the guy for you. He may be an amazing friend but not so much a partner. There may also be trouble in paradise due to infidelity, communication, emotional and physical distance and much more. Taking a break from your relationship will help you to decide if you even want to be in this relationship. It’s an important choice to make and one that often occurs with a little space.