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London. A twenty-five year old boy is living life like devils. He sleeps in the coffin and drinks the blood. It is kept away from the blood of humans, animals, drinking blood quenches your hunger and thirst. The boy’s name is Vlad Tapes Darkness. Despite this behavior, he wants people to treat him like a normal human. 13 years living a life …
This guy is armed with demonic forces. You could call it the vampire. The last 13 years living the life of Vanpiron and sleeps in a coffin. He claims he is a film telling the stories of the garlic and sunlight Vanpiron fearing the case is different. Both of which had no effect on him. Despite all this that he wants to be treated like normal humans. Vlad Tapes is said about the ghost of a girl riding on it, lost his life at the age of 20 years, was sitting. Her name is Sophie Lancaster.
Vlad Tapes, “The Vampire assumed that I’d be treated like humans me.” Vlad Tapes Blade Oilainr imposes. She said many people with me to insolence. Abused by the people in the pub recently. People have questions about my lifestyle. After all, I live my life not being given. Vlad Tapes Sophie told me that is possessed by the 20-year-old was killed in 2007.