Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was a true fighter. He fought a war over the death surprised everyone. When all his organs had stopped functioning, even for 30 minutes, his heart was throbbing. Ali, his daughter Hanna about social media Posted emotional. Please tell Ali, died Friday at the age of 74. His funeral on Friday, his hometown, Louisville (Kentucky) will. Hanna had written …
Hanna last time his father, Muhammad Ali and share photos of their moments are linked together.
Hanna share their photos on Twitter, writing “in hospital when we were with him, our heart was very sad. But Daddy and the world has gotten rid of his sufferings, thinking it was a pleasure to us.”
“All his organs had stopped. However, his heart beats for half an hour.”
“We had never seen anything like it. It was the will and the power of His Spirit.”
“We were trying to be strong. We hugged, kissed his hand and said that prayer can you leave us. We are all right. Now, you should not be concerned for us. You all took on responsibilities well. we love you very much. Thank you for your love. ”
“You were kind. God give peace to your soul.”
Several photographs of the family of stock
Boxer daughter Laila Ali also share their photos. The Muhammad Ali granddaughter Sydney (Laila’s daughter) with.
Laila posted, “Thank you for your love. We love you, even after you are feeling.”
What caused the death of Ali
Muhammad Ali’s family Spoksprson Bob Gunel said: “Ali’s death was due to septic shock.”
Ali’s funeral on Friday, former US President Bill Clinton and US Kaॅmedian will include celebrities, including Billy Crystal.
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said that a monument will be built in the city in memory of the legendary boxer.
56 were won
Ali, born January 17, 1942, the US was in Louisville.
According to his family, Ali’s funeral will be in his home town Louisville.
World champion on Thursday after the boxing legend health deteriorated Admit Phoenix hospital was made.
Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. was the original name of Ali. He’s The Greatest “was known by the name.
In 1964 he adopted the Muslim name of Muhammad Ali Kbulkar.
In the ring, Ali was known for his footwork and punch.
Ali retired from boxing in 1981 were. He has 56 wins. 37 knockouts in his career were against and only 5 defeats.
Learn boxing cop had said
Point of 1954. 12-year-old Muhammad (then Cassius) was annoyed by his bicycle stolen.
They reached the police station to lodge a complaint. He vowed to help police find the bicycle.
He said, “I want to take revenge on the thief.”
Cassius from this one policeman said, “Son, for that you have to learn boxing.”
Due to the fact Cassius the gym and later became the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.
Ali’s rival in the ring ever boxer George Foreman said, “but the boy did not want to copy any icon, Ali was still his.”
Islam was adopted
World heavyweight champion Ali 3 times between 1964-78.
The first champion Malcolm X after he joined the Black Muslim movement.
He then embraced Islam. Ali believed that his name (Cassius Clay) more ‘White said.
However, Malcolm X, Ali later separated.
Due to low IQ, which was 2 times rejected from the Army
Army Ali was rejected twice. He Koshnt Intelligent (IQ) less than the standard set (78) was told.
However, later dubbed the Army suddenly fit them.

April 28, 1967 to include the draft prepared by the Army. But Ali refused to go into the Army.
Moreover, Ali refused to go Outflanking Vietnam War.
Ali said: “I have no quarrel with the people of Vietnam. A Vietnamese never used bad words against him.”
Ali guilty of breaking the draft was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

However, the Supreme Court declared invalid the decision and Ali had to go to jail.
Ali was the first loser
Shocked the world at that time was reduced, while 31 were lost in the ring after the first fight.
The fight March 8, 1971 and the Muhammad Ali was among Joseph William Fraser.
Fraser and Ali fought many fight. March 8, 1971, the US had one fight in Madison Square Garden ring.
Eyes of the world were fixed on the television said. Madison Square had to lure thousands of visitors, was a sprawling adventure.
The two had the same name on everyone’s language, and the Muhammad Ali Fraser. Lightweight World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali in 1960 had been.
The Fraser Heavyweight Championship title in 1964 and had recorded his name.
15th round loser Ali
‘The Ring World Heavyweight title fight began. The first round, the second round …. and 14 rounds.
Neither boxer was not ready to give up. Round of 15, the whole world was shocking.
After a 31 fight winning Muhammad Ali were in the ring for the first time flat.
The Fraser’s 27th consecutive victory. Ali did not expect that anyone will lose, but Fraser had done it.
Both admitted to hospital after fight
The effect of a match that lasted 15 rounds was that both Muhammad Ali and Fraser had to be hospitalized.
To fight the best fight of the century is called. In 1974, Ali took revenge for the defeat.
He Fraser January 28, 1974, defeated in fight lasted 12 rounds.