Ranveer  and Vani performed on th songs Nashe Se Chadgayi, Ude Dill Befikre and their new release wedding song, Khukle-Dhulke. The audience was extremely over whelmed by Ranveer Singh’s appearance as he made their day with his heart-warming attitude.Ranveer Singh loved performing in front of the young crowd and said he loved performing for them. The actors were also seen interacting with the students of Delhi University.

Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor are all prepared for their upcoming movie Befikre which is releasing on December 9.Ranveer Singh is like clay, you can mould him in any role you wish. With his attitude he can pull off any role with ease. That’s how he woos his fans with perfection. Ranveer was at the Delhi University for launch of the song “Khulke-Dhulke” from his upcoming movie Befikre. NOW, what gets your attention is Ranveer’s attire. Ranveer’s look was as colourful as his personality. And Ranveer’s shoes had golden wings, how quirky.