Rani Mukerji, one of the top actresses of the industry during the early millennium, left the likes of the industry post her wedding. Having married the famous producer Aditya Chopra, Rani has been busy enjoying her married life and everything that comes alongside it. But does this mean Rani has lost out on her many fans? Of course not! And the incident in Paris will reveal why.

The Kuch Kuch Hota Hain star; Rani, has been enjoying her motherhood ever since Adira was born. The toddler was seen accompanying Rani to various locations although she’s under the age of one; quite a life young Adira!

Rani Mukerji who is currently accompanying hubby Aditya Chopra in Paris, took Adira along for the shoot. Not intending to leave her husbands or her child’s side, the actress was seen around the shoot location with her little princess.

Although it took a while for the fans to recognise her, once spotted, she was immediately swarmed with fans. The sudden rush of the mob not just led to the halt of Befikre that was being shot at the location, but also led to little Adira immediately been taken away by her Assistant.

Considering no-one can escape a mob, Rani realised the situation and safeguarded Adira from the swarming mob. When the efforts of her assistant and others to stop the fans did no good, Rani obliged to clicking several pictures with the swarm of fans.

Although Rani left the industry a while back, the intensity with which the fans surround her till date, speak of her popularity. Rani was also clear she didn’t want any of Adira’s pictures put up online, but the fans’ irate behaviour went completely out of control. The actress immediately rushed from the sets and headed for her hotel room.

Be it Paris or India, Bollywood fans exist in every nook. Although it speaks of the many actors popularity, we wonder if the stars will ever get a private space for themselves; cons of being a star after all!

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