Rember when Land Rovers had locking diffs with levers that you had to pull, no fancy features or LED headlights? We don’t either because of all the chrome grilles adorning every high street in the world.

And now, there’s going to be yet another candy-ass model. Sorry Dwayne Johnson! With BMW and Mercedes locked in a fearsome battle over who can produce the best Sports Activity Coupe, Land Rover is joining in with a sloped derivative of the Range Rover Sport.

Test prototypes have been seen at various locations around Germany, including the Nurburgring and Mercedes’ test facilities. We are no closer to solving the mystery of why 4x4s need to look like coupes, but we can give you a little hint of what it looks like.

On the same day, we’ve stumbled upon not only a spy “video” slideshow from a Stuttgart spotter, but also some fresh renderings. The 2017 Range Rover mild facelift proves Land Rover really is running out of design ideas.

So even though the rendering made by Remco M looks like a crude photoshop attempt, he’s actually spot on. Comparing the images with what’s in the video below, we notice similar designs for the front bumper and a slightly sloped tailgate.

This last feature isn’t as pronounced as on the BMW X6 or Mercedes GLE Coupe. The Range Rover Sport Coupe will be more like a raised hatchback than a Jaguar F-Type doppelganger.

In the powertrain department, we could even see an inline-6, as Land Rover is rumored to be negotiating with the Germans due the increasing costs of lowering CO2 emissions.

Of course, the ultimate solution for that problem would be to go fully electric. But we want to end this story just like we started it, with a rant. And that is: between this and the smaller Evoque, haven’t we got enough luxury Range Rovers yet. Creating special body styles is a sickness that plagues the entire industry now.