Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan recently commented that his son’s revelations about a certain allegation by an actress about their relationship would shock the public. Kangana Ranaut, known to voice her opinion on all issues, personal and professional, jumped into the fray to wonder why a father (Rakesh) needed to speak for his son (Hrithik Roshan). At a recent event, Kangana said, “I want to know why Indian men can’t stand for themselves. He (Hrithik) is 43 years old. Why does his father always have to come to his rescue? For how long will he keep hiding behind his big, influential father’s name? He is an adult and can pretty much handle his own controversies in show business. It is just a simple controversy. Why does daddy have to save his son? I don’t understand this.”

Earlier, when asked to react to Kangana’s response, Rakesh Roshan had kept quiet and said he would speak at an appropriate time. Now, for the first time, Rakesh reacts to Kangana. He says, “I am still a working father and I proudly play an active part in my son’s life. And for those who find that unacceptable, let me say that for parents — children, whether 43 or 83 years old — are still children.” But proving his innocence is not his only aim! Hrithik wants to expose Kangana’s lie and make an example of it so that this does not happen to anyone else. As a close friend of Hrithik mentioned to the daily, “He is no longer fighting for himself. Hrithik’s war is against gender prejudice that’s prevalent in modern societies the world over. Whenever there is a dispute of a sexual nature between a man and a woman, it is automatically assumed that the man is in the wrong. When it comes to sex, a woman can do no wrong. Why? Because of her gender. Hrithik’s own plight has made him realize what happens to hundreds and thousands of men who are falsely implicated in molestation and dowry cases by vengeful women. Hrithik feels like one of them.”

On the professional front, Hrithik and Kangana were last seen together in Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 3. Currently, Hrithik is shooting for his next film – Kaabil along with Yami Gautam. On the other hand, Kangana is waiting for the release of Rangoon, which also stars Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.