Superstar Rajinikanth-starrer Tamil action drama Kabali has started off exceptionally well in North America. From premiere shows alone, the film has collected $2 million from the US and Canada markets, according to distribution company CineGalaxy Inc. “It is easily the best opening for an Indian film from premiere shows in North America. The film has collected $2 million from the premiere shows and it includes both the Tamil and Telugu version of Kabali,” Sanjay Dusari, Co-Founder of CineGalaxy Inc said. Trade analyst Trinath believes only a Rajinikanth-starrer can register such huge opening. “No other star’s film could’ve achieved this kind of opening. To collect $2 million from premieres is no easy feat and it was possible because of the excellent pre-release buzz and Rajinikanth’s association with the project,” he said. According to Trinath, the film could’ve easily raked in over Rs 50 crore on release day worldwide.