Rajasthan MLA, son blame driver for accident


While police say he was driving the car, Siddharth and his father claim it was their driver Ramesh Kumar who was driving.Siddharth Maharia, the son of a Rajasthan MLA who allegedly rammed his father’s BMW into an autorickshaw and killed three persons, on Sunday claimed that their driver was behind the wheel at the time of the accident.
At 1.19 am on Saturday, Siddharth, the 24-year-old son of Independent MLA from Sikar Nandkishore Maharia, was allegedly speeding and rammed the BMW into the three-wheeler before hitting a stationary police van, injuring four policemen inside. While police say he was driving the car, Siddharth and his father claim it was their driver Ramesh Kumar who was driving.Siddharth’s lawyer Deepak Chauhan said, “Apart from the request to decline Siddharth’s police custody, we also moved an application in court saying that Ramesh Kumar was driving the vehicle RJ23 CB4444. He was scared after the accident, as it had hit a police van, so he ran away. He was driving while Siddharth was sitting next to him and Siddharth’s cousin Jayant was in the back. But since policemen themselves were injured and they could find only Siddharth and Jayant on the spot, they are trying to implicate Siddharth.”He added, “When Ramesh regained ‘normalcy’ hours later, he himself went to the police station but he was told he would be spoken to once an FIR is lodged. We also pointed out the delay in lodging of the FIR of more than 12 hours after the incident.”
A local court in Jaipur sent Siddharth to one-day police remand on Sunday.“We sought three-day custody of Siddharth but were granted one day,” investigating officer Kamal Nayan said.
Meanwhile, family members of the deceased protested at Ashok Nagar police station in the afternoon, and Siddharth had to be locked up in a cell before them.
Nayan said, “Ramesh is nowhere in our investigation but we will take his statement. As for the delay in the FIR, injured Anil Soni was in hospital and in poor health to record a complaint. Soni was the only one among the four in the auto-rickshaw to survive.”
Siddharth’s advocate moved a second application seeking “proper” treatment for him.

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