While 2016 saw many B-Town couples heading the split way, rumour mills starting churning yet another story about a very-much-in-love duo. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra, who recently celebrated the fourth birthday of their son Viaan, were reported to be heading for a separation.However, hubby Raj Kundra slammed all such rumours, claiming to be baseless. Pinkvilla.com quoted Raj, who told a leading daily, “I think this rumour started when Shilpa was complaining to her friends that I have been working so hard that I hardly had any time to spend with her. I have been working on this huge deal almost 20 hours a day from my office in Matunga and haven’t had any time to breathe, eat or sleep! I just go home for a shower and change.” Far from facing marital blues, Raj has a surprise planned for Shilpa on her 41st birthday (June 8) this year. But it’s nothing fancy he insists. “This year we will keep it simple as last year, we celebrated it in Montenegro with all our family and friends so this year will be just Shilpa and me. I will whisk her off somewhere for just one night. And of course, it will be a surprise again. Shilpa is my princess so I have to look after her well”.