Almost six weeks into the show, Bigg Boss 10 has finally started taking a toll on celebrities who have remained calm or have shown immense strength of character. In most of the cases, Swami Om seems to be the trigger. In the episode which aired on November 24, contestants Rahul Dev, who has enjoyed the least controversial journey away from major feuds, lost his cool when Swami Om accused him of stealing gold, in the Bigg Boss Gold Mine task, the luxury budget task of the week. Meanwhile, after a scuffle with Swami Om, Monalisa and Nitibha Kaul, VJ Bani went on a complete emotional tangent, something which the audience had never witnesses before.

Swami Om was acting difficult in last night’s episode when it came sharing work load, performing tasks or even basic courtesy (well, most of us have given up here). Captain Rohan, also the ‘malik’ of the mine, asked everyone to turn out their pockets to see if anyone’s taken gold from the mine or not. While Rahul Dev was being checked, Swami Om quite unnecessarily says that he’s hidden gold elsewhere at which the actor lashes out at the self-styled godman and accuses him in turn. Turns out Rahul’s accusations were true and Swami Om did have a piece of gold with him. When Rohan asked him to return that, Swami Om refused and said that he found this inside the house and hasn’t taken it from the mine directly. No one believed him.