Rollercoaster crash victim Vicky Balch poses for a series of lingerie snaps – while bravely revealing the terrible injury that changed her world forever.

For the 21-year-old beauty, this ­astonishing photoshoot proved a ­watershed moment of realisation – that the loss of her right leg at Alton Towers that
dreadful day just over a year ago was NOT going to define the rest of her life.

In the aftermath of the accident, pretty fashion-loving Vicky shed tears of heartbreak every time she looked in a
full length mirror. Her prosthetic limb gave her mobility again, but it could never heal her ­shattered self-confidence.

These are the pictures that did just that.

“Doing it wasn’t an easy decision,” says Vicky who was given the boudoir shoot as a birthday present by her best friend Hanna. “I was close to cancelling. I
wasn’t sure I’d ever look nice in lingerie again.

“I hadn’t worn sexy underwear since the accident. Before then, I felt quite good in lingerie and I’d always get compliments about my bum.”

She took her bionic leg along. “It’s become a support to me mentally as well as physically,” she says. “Though I wasn’t sure how it would look in stockings
and suspenders.
“But when we started to shoot, I ­realised I felt better with it off. And the photographer was great. She encouraged me to get into lots of different poses.

“I feel it made the pictures look much more natural, too. It was a positive turn when I least expected it. I went from wanting to prove to the world I could still
be sexy to really believing it myself. I can’t describe that feeling.
“And I could never have imagined just how much I’d love the finished result. I could barely see for the tears in my eyes. Now I’ve honestly never felt sexier.
But this isn’t just about sexiness. It’s about strength, survival and self-esteem.”

It’s a far cry from the months after ­the horrific crash in which Vicky, of ­Grismargh, near Preston, Lancs, was crushed on the Smiler ride at the Staffordshire
park that also left 15 others injured. She and another passenger, Leah ­Washington, 19, both had a leg amputated after their carriage crashed into another.