After Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming horror flick ‘Raaz Reboot’ became the latest victim of piracy, the actor made an appeal to his fan to see the movie only in theatersThe 37-year-old actor while requesting the people to refrain from watching the leaked version and giving the movie a “fair chance” tweeted, “About twenty minutes ago, I decided to unwind a bit and go to twitter. I usually look at t as a way to connecting with my fans, who I look at as an extension of my family.It’s always a positive experience connecting with them. But the first thing I saw a few moments back was the trends list which to my hobnor leaked “Raaz Reboot leaked”. A lot of work goes into a film, whether good or bad. A lot of people toil away, striving to entertain you as well as run their kitchens.”
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“Piracy is a rampant problem, as we have seen over the past few months with a few movies that have been leaked online before their theoretical release. I won’t add fuel to the fire by harping about conspiracy theories.I won’t point fingers. I don’t intend to get into public mud-slinging match. Instead I will request you to give the film a fair chance by watching it in theaters. It’s a request, which I think everyone sensible will entertain,” added the ‘Gangster’ star.