Quit job & going world tour, being able to share such PHOTOS, Know Why?

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Brussels: many people in the world, to fulfill their hobbies go to any extent. Such a man named Jonathan Kvinonej, which belongs to the Belgian capital Brussels. Jonathan wanted to wander the world, so he quit his job and set out on your journey. Click to provide mothers the photos ... Jonathan's decision, her mother was quite upset, but nothing he could not move his insistence. However, his mother was worried about Jonathan. So wherever they are, over there, "Mom .. I'm fine," said the billboards with photo capture and upload it to Instagram. The photos on their social networking sites have become quite viral. Jonathan boredpanda.com speaking to my mother that my decision will still scared. So I want him to know that I am better through photos and they do not worry me. However, I know that at the end of this journey will be pleased by my decision.

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