Staffordshire County Sherlot ballet and Charlie White of the United Kingdom is so fond of exploring the world that he decided to quit his job to roam the world. 24-year and 25-year-old Charlie Charlotte in the last 4 months, Argentina, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and had traveled to Miami to savings of 23 million dollars
The couple decided to leave that job of his life proved to be the most beautiful thing. Both of last year resigned their jobs. However, both had savings of around Rs 23 lakh. The couple also has started a blog called Vonderlwars at which they share their traveling Experience. Bailey previously served as airhostess, his friend was just a manager. It took 9 months to collect both money where, at that time they were doing the research on the world’s best destinations. Now the couple’s blog to get enough hits, and both social and news photos, stories are being shared on the site also.