Priyanka Chopra shared a sneak peek of her hit television show Quantico’s new season and after watching it, we say: thank you, Priyanka.

The 34-year old actress, who plays Alex Parrish in the series, is now in the CIA. The new season has new challenges. This time, Alex and her colleagues are on a rescue mission in a hostage situation. What makes it difficult is the fact that the hostages are POTUS and FLOTUS.

The lyrics “Are we the hunters? Or are we the prey?” play in the background, making everything more ominous.

In the first season, Alex Parrish joined the FBI and found herself a suspect in a terror attack. She clears her name and saves the day for America in the process. Her reward – she was fired from the FBI, but before the screen blacked-out, she was offered a position in the CIA.

Quantico 2.0 is back on television with new threats and new secrets on September 25.