Qatar’s Emir joined other senior officials and students across the country in performing the istisqa prayer for rain early this morning.

Sheikh Tamim and the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) had announced plans for the prayer last night.

The move follows in the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, who used to ask God for rain when it was lacking. In Qatar, these prayers are usually performed around once a year.Prayers were held this morning at the Al Wajbah prayer ground at 6am, and also at several independent schools around the nation.The “rainy” season in Qatar officially began last month, but Qatar has seen little precipitation since then.

And according to forecasters, there’s no rain on the horizon either.“There’s only about a 5 percent chance of rain over the next few days,” Steff Gaulter, senior meteorologist for Al Jazeera English, told Doha News.

That said, the prayers come as temperatures dropped several degrees this week, spurring “winter is coming” cheers around Doha.

Does it smell like rain to you yet? Thoughts?