A social media figure, Qandeel Baloch, has claimed that she is receiving life threats from unknown quarters, and appealed to the Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan in writing to provide her security.

In a crowded press conference at Lahore Press Club on Tuesday, Qandeel Baloch (real name Fouzia Azeem) said would do whatever she likes but in the open. She said she has come up in life through a very hard way since she started working in her childhood.

Referring to the infamous episode involving Maulana Abdul Qawi, she said was just a medium which was used to expose him.

She said that she was receiving threats from unknown people and the lives of her family and her own was in danger.

On a query, Qandeel said that she is a Bloch and has a right to call her so, because all living on the Sariyiki belt are Baloch and since she belongs to that area therefore she is also a Baloch.

She said that being a Pakistani she has all the legal and constitutional rights including the right to privacy but her legal documents like her passport, her ID card and other personal documents were posted on the social media which was a crime.

She appealed in writing to the DG FIA and SSP Islamabad to investigate that how these documents landed on the social media and bring the culprits to the book.