Plenty viral video on social networking sites these days seems to be a Python. Florida is in the video looks python swallows a crocodile. The video captured by Heiko Kiera and uploaded to your YouTube channel Ojatro.
So far, nearly 8 million people have watched the video, while 20 thousand people have comment. 4 minutes 12 seconds in the video can be seen that the Python slowly tightens its grip on the alligator being. However, trying to avoid the crocodile, but the python swallowed him whole.
Crocodile python digests in 7 days
Research of the University of Alabama, a team made up of python, crocodile, which was informed that a total of 7 days to digest Bermis Python. Three days later the body of the crocodile becomes tender, but the 7-day Crocodile is fully digested.