Beware of hiring underage domestic help or as helping hand at your businesses as the Punjab government is going to declared it non bailable offence to hire young kids.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has warned that serious action will be taken if they find any child working at hotel, workshop, petrol pump or any such place. An event was held at the CM’s Secretariat in connection with World Day against Child Labour, in which the chief minister took special part while provincial minister for labour Raja Ishfaq Sarwar, Zakia Shahnawaz, Saba Sadiq along with labour leaders and officers were also present.

On the occasion, the chief minister said that we had a black spot of child labour on our face, which was going to be removed. He said that child labour is being eliminated at brick kilns on the direction of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He expressed hope that “the day, when every child will go to school, is not far.”

CM Shahbaz said, in the budget of year 2016-17, 6th class students will be provided monthly scholarship of one thousand rupees. He advised kiln owners to provide medical allowance for the labours. He said that it is the need of hour to enforce labour law strictly. He further said that he has advised the ministry of labour that the law will be enforced after the accomplishment of survey.

According to this law, if any child is caught working on a hotel, workshop, petrol pump or any such place, the owner will be punished. He said that it is the need of hour to stop blaming each other and do self-accountability. While addressing the event, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar said labour law is being amended, after which hiring underage will be non bailable offence, whereas, factory or business place will also be sealed. He told that about 50000 children have been admitted to school, who used to work on brick kiln.