Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif returned to the country on Friday after a two-week stay in London. The CM was in London to tend to his ailing brother Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who underwent an open heart surgery recently.

Shortly after his arrival, the CM sprung into action and visited a discounted Ramzan bazaar. He also talked to buyers present in the market and inquired about the quality and prices of products.

Upon his return, CM Shahbaz discussed the issue of the prime minister’s health and said “With the grace of God and prayers by fellow countrymen the prime minister is recovering speedily.”

Shahbaz reached Lahore airport through Pakistan International Airlines flight no. PK-758, at 6AM in the morning.

The CM said that the entire nation prayed for the prime minister’s recovery for which his family was grateful.

CM Shahbaz said that the prime minister was also thankful for the nation’s prayers, adding that Nawaz would return to Pakistan after recovering completely.

Prime Minister Nawaz was discharged from a hospital in central London on Monday where he underwent an open heart surgery on May 31.