13-year-old Sayali Kapase and her 11-year-old brother Siddhant Kapase are suffering from rare skin disease
because of which they have snake-like skin that is “shed” off every 14 days, just like a reptile.

They are suffering from rare genetic disorder that affects the skin, called ‘Lamellar Ichthyosis’ and are
currently being treated at Dr. DY Patil Medical College and Research Centre in Maharashtra under the
supervision of Dr. Aayush Gputa.

The children were born in collodion membranes that they stay encased in for 14 days. It occurs in one out
of six lakh births.

According to Dr. Gupta, this is a genetic disease and the kids are suffering from it because of deficiency of a
mutated gene in their parents.

Dr. Gupta said that skin renews itself in 28 days in a normal human being. Sloughing off old dead skin cells
and replacing them with fresh new ones is a very fast process and this is why it goes unnoticed in normal

“Parents of these kids have an abnormal gene because of which these kids are having this disease and
their skin doesn’t get renewed easily,” Dr. Gupta added.