Just two days after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan’s sister mistakenly claimed she and her two children were harassed and threatened by the protocol of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, Dr Uzma Khan has formally apologised to Maryam Nawaz for the incident.

“On the date of 1st of July, on our way to juma prayers, my children and I faced a traumatising experience. We were harassed and abused and nearly crashed head on by one of the protocol vehicles. When I followed the vehicles into the house, my daughter was left alone outside and the guards actually told her he would shoot if she didn’t move,” said a letter written by Dr Uzma.

Dr Uzma said that when she went inside the house of Chaudhry Asim Gujjar she was told that they were performing security duty with Maryam.

“I asked the host who the protocol detail belonged to and could never have imagined that man, not known to me, Mr Asim Gujjar would blatantly lie about the identity of his guest,” Dr Uzma said.

“The fact that he had the audacity to take the name of the PMs daughter, I could not even imagine that he would be lying,” she added.

The PTI chairman’s sister had said she would not register an FIR in the matter because she did not trust the police. She said the scene had brought back memories of an incident last year when her children were manhandled by some policemen. No action had been taken against those responsible in that incident, she added.

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Earlier, Maryam dismissed the suggestion that anyone from her security protocol was involved in the incident. She claimed she was in Islamabad at the time the incident was reported in the media.