More than 1,000 people organized by Mass Action Against Police Brutality marched from Boston Police Headquarters in response to the deaths of black men and women involving police. “I am bothered by the senseless killings, but I’m bothered by the complacency of it all and that it’s OK. It is not OK,” said Tahia Sykes of MAAB.

The demonstrators were demanding change following the deadly police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

“I see a racially, culturally diverse crowd here,” said protester Mark Adams. “Everybody is coming together and this is amazing.”

Protesters chanted “Hands up don’t shoot!” and “Whose city? Our city.”

“The last week, the last year, the last few years, these concentrated deaths have been horrible for my mental health. I’ve lost sleep, I’ve lost my appetite, I’ve lost hope,” said protester Letisha Harris. “And as a school teacher, it’s hard to go in front of children every single day and tell them that tomorrow will be better when they are getting constant messages that it’s not.”

“I have many nieces and nephews and many friends that, on a daily basis, I let them know, ‘listen, when you’re stopped by the police or anybody for anything – calmness and patience will get you a long way,’” Adams said.

Boston Police were also on alert after a deadly attack on officers in Dallas during a similar march. Officers were deployed on the rooftop of the headquarters surveying the scene.