Bigg Boss 10 can get really tricky now as the wild card entrants are inside and they have already watched the previous episodes of the show. With Priyanka Jagga re-entering the house, we are sure going to witness more drama to happen than usual.

Manu and Mona Lisa ‘s fondness for each other is something that everyone has been witnessing from day one. But it seems that Priyanka has something else in mind for them.
Now that Priyanka knows how to create a tiff between the two, she will be seen discussing the same with wild card entrant Sahil Anand. In a video posted on Bigg Boss’ official Twitter page, she is seen talking to Sahil about the same and for some reason, Mona starts ignoring Manu. In return, Manu walks up to Priyanka and discusses about Mona with her.Manu and Mona are both engaged to different people outside the house and with this closeness between the two, which we have been witnessing since a long time now, we think there is a lot that Priyanka has to tell to the two.Meanwhile, we just sit back to watch each move of Priyanka, who has come in to seek revenge from all those who did wrong to her.